March Thoughts

As March rolls in, my thoughts turn to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas because; Fiesta Week is around the corner in April! Fiesta is actually more than just a week and includes hundreds of celebrations that you can attend, including parades and great food events. Check out for more information.

Below is an illustration I created of the historic Staacke Building, in downtown San Antonio for a print project.

New Year, New Projects!

2016 arrived with a bang bringing with it fresh new creative projects that are challenging and inspiring! My own inspirational process for work comes from a constant mash up of brisk walks, online creative, books, magazines, conversations, the heavens above and literally thousands of print and digital images that flash through my brain–daily in the shower.

Which leads me to ask, where does your inspiration come from?

(Fresh new projects coming up? Contact me here, or call me at 847-312-1223.)




Welcome To My New Site!

I am finishing up my new site and creating a blog. Currently, I have won the Children’s Book Academies, 2015-Rafael Lopez and Pat Cummings Merit Scholarship. As a multifaceted designer, illustration is one of the top skills and talents my clients and employers require.

I want to sincerely thank the Academy, Dr. Mira Reisberg and the other 2015 scholarship winners! Ruben Salazar, Mac McCord, Daisy St. Rose, Melissa Stagi Zepeda, Mariama Ross, Trisha St.Clair, Marion Sipe, Melissa Henry, Cynthia Kukla, and Justine Lawson.

For more information on The Children’s Book Academy please visit:…