May Comes To A Busy End And What Now?

Chet 101

My DePaul HCI/UX semester of prototyping is at an end as well as mastering the intrinsic value of the Axure software. The prototyping software is one I enjoy using along with Adobe XD and others like Sketch, Invision, Balsamic, and Justinmind. I do appreciate the web production lifecycle (like that of Illustration, Print & Branding) because it is the science and business of the art. If you would like to see samples of my UX work, email me at

Also, Chet's #the100DayProject is on Day 64. Up till today, Chet has offered his audience his views and support on subjects that are close to his heart like pet safety, pet adoption and his imaginary enjoyment of Carbs. His philosophy on life can be located on Instagram at @rosariocarrillo2016 or here is a link to a few images.