Back To School Season Is Here!

It is "Back to School" time and the seasons are turning! To date, I have completed several creative projects like Chet, my imaginary dog's blog for the #100dayproject on Instagram. If you have followed Chet's blog, he is now in reruns on my social media pages and will have new posts in the future. Then, my UX page is coming along well, I have completed a patriotic image for Labor Day, and have started putting together a Society 6 website! Hopefully, I will have more news soon on this before Christmas. 

May Comes To A Busy End And What Now?

Chet 101

My DePaul HCI/UX semester of prototyping is at an end as well as mastering the intrinsic value of the Axure software. The prototyping software is one I enjoy using along with Adobe XD and others like Sketch, Invision, Balsamic, and Justinmind. I do appreciate the web production lifecycle (like that of Illustration, Print & Branding) because it is the science and business of the art. If you would like to see samples of my UX work, email me at

Also, Chet's #the100DayProject is on Day 64. Up till today, Chet has offered his audience his views and support on subjects that are close to his heart like pet safety, pet adoption and his imaginary enjoyment of Carbs. His philosophy on life can be located on Instagram at @rosariocarrillo2016 or here is a link to a few images.


Spring is almost really here in Chicagoland and, I am attempting to complete a Web Art Challenge that lasts for 100 days. Wish me luck! 

Meet Chet!
Appearing hopefully daily on all of my social channels!

Chet is the newest, imaginary social media pet sensation, and his fanciful life will be my focus for the next 100 days. Visit often, because Chet has a lot on his mind to blog about!  

Chet 101 - Summer

Is Your Brand Ready For 2018?

A brand upgrade can be the first step to increasing your companies profitability. January is a great time to increase the brand potential of your companies products. The path to more profits starts by creating a plan that contains strategic goals based on last year's sales. Then, put together a working profile of your top clients by analyzing their buying interests. For example, when do they buy, how much and when. What about your competitors? How often do they upgrade their brand? Also, include feedback from your customers and don't forget that your frontline employees may have essential facts to add concerning their purchases. 

For more information about my branding services, call me at 847-312-1223.

Carlinville Christmas Market ~ 2017

The Christmas Market will be held

Friday, Dec. 1 & Sat. 2, 2017

This year, the Christmas Market is part of four unique city events being held during the weekend of December 1-3, 2017. Come and experience shining lights, Santa Claus, shopping, crafters, tasty treats and more, because it’s a wonderful life!  

Logo designed by Rosario Carrillo Illustration & Design


National Coloring Book Day & Purr-fect Pals

Purr-fect Pals: A Kid, A Cat & Diabetes is a fun and engaging coloring, activity, and resource book I had the pleasure to bring to life with author Sheila Glazov In 2014. If your friends or family have children who are newly diagnosed or have been living with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) or Type 2 Diabetes (T2), they would enjoy adding our book to their library. 100% of the proceeds from Purr-fect Pals is donated to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and can be purchased on Amazon at this link.

May - A Month of Process

The month of May has come and gone and my mind is on creative processes and working with new clients. As a professional designer I seek creative web projects and graphic illustration for all media. I love campaigns of all types, logos, banners, ads, email design, illustration and of course the passion projects that come my way. Clients and designers, what do we all share? We continually seek incites into our processes to achieve exceptional work. Overall, I feel project management needs to bond a team and make all deadlines do-able. I share my favorite process (at this writing!) below. It appears to be long, but is actually the short version, so I ask what is your process? Do you seek more project control, or just seek deadline sanity?

Print/Web Process guide
The process below is for print and web. Positive team building, communication and documentation are keys to the process.

Jobs come in and are assigned into the system
The job is acknowledged and discussed with client. Client/designer review brief, then, a kickoff meeting may be scheduled.

- Real, firm due dates (not ASAP) are established for each product stage. Afterwards, the project is backtracked to mark due dates for layouts and the final. Add up to 3 days for safety.
- Client supplies all assets at start.

Print/Web Images
- Buy or create a Photoshop copy of the master image. Clean up and enhance as needed.
- For product images, provide a layered Photoshop file. One layer has the product background knocked out. The second layer has a Photoshop-ed “small” light grey shadow to the left of the product. Usually, this is made with the brush tool, not a Photoshop function.

Proof stages
Consider 3 rounds of layout modifications. One revision, or two for the final. Generate new due dates for new direction, or stalled jobs.

Layout Proofs
- Designer proofs own work first, then a copy is sent to the client. Changes are marked up, discussed with designer then made. Proof is forwarded to client team.
- Client proofs, and then discusses a marked up printout with designer and updates are made. New proof generated etc.

Job Final Proofs
- Designer proofs own work first, then a copy is sent to the client. Changes are marked up, discussed with designer then made. Proof is forwarded to client team.
- Client proofs, and then discusses a marked up printout with designer and updates are made. New proof generated, or job approval.

Final Print products
Final products are checked by client before passing to publisher. Client/designer proofs blue-line, then client/designer attends the press check if needed.

Final Web products.
Web products are passed to client, then loaded to the test site. Link to test site sent to designer for one last check.


What a special day! My son Edward barbequed and I made the potato salad. Recently, I finished a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 class with General Assembly in Chicago. The instructors are marvelous people and very talented. Coding and creating Web products is just one of my passions. What I really enjoy is working on a Web content management system because of my love of detail. I mention the class because it set back my new Easter Illustration project below. I have not made a detailed project for a while and I really enjoyed it.

33rd Chicago Latino Film Festival, April 20 ~ May 4, 2017

My creative challenges for January have included creating a poster design for the – the 33rd Chicago Latino Film Festival contest. A friend recommended that I enter the contest for the creative challenge. Below is my entry for the contest and the experience has been a great way to contribute to the Hispanic Community. For more information on the festival visit this link.

Email me at the link below for more information on my entry, or to discuss my design services:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Have a great holiday and safe New Year! 2016 was chocked full of great changes and challenges for my family and friends. In 2017, I plan to open an Etsy store that offers a variety of my work for sale in different formats. For example, below is my yearly holiday illustration. It was made in Illustrator by combining shapes to create a hard-line fantasy style illustration.