Free Classes For People 65 And Older

Horticulture PhotoIn 2001, expectations related to retirement have evolved from "a time to sit back and relax" into "a time to start a new and rewarding phase" in life. College classes allow individuals, including seniors, to discover new skills, pursue personal interests, or experience education for its own sake.

Tulsa Community College, as well as other state colleges and universities, allows people 65 years-of-age and older to take classes for free on a space available basis. The selection of courses provides classes for most anyone’s interest from astronomy and botany to religious studies or Spanish language. Enrollees are not required to take tests and do not receive a grade or college credit. However, they do benefit from the enjoyment of taking interesting, informative, and enjoyable classes.

Guidelines for Enrolling

There must be space available on the date class begins.

Enrollment must be made after the regular enrollment period ends.

A driver’s license or birth certificate is required to prove eligibility.

A maximum of seven semester credit hours during Fall or Spring semester or four semester hours during Summer semester applies.

The waived tuition does not apply to Continuing Education Courses.

Information is available from the Registration and Admission Office at any campus by calling:

TCC Metro Campus (918) 595-7226
TCC Northeast Campus
(918) 595-7526
TCC Southeast Campus (918) 595-7726
TCC West Campus
(918) 595-8126

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